Should Companies Be Forced to Pay Double on Thanksgiving??

News Flash: It’s not your employer’s job to make you a living.



Are you dry shaving me, Spencer?? What do you MEAN it’s not your employer’s job to make you a living??

Re-read it until it sinks in. 

It ISN’T your employer’s job.

YOUR job is to show up and do the job you were hired to do. And your employer’s job is to pay you for services rendered or goods provided. 

That’s it! Really! That’s IT.

It’s not to provide you health care, gym membership, a parking space with your name on it, or trips to Miami for your family every year. 

Now this all be tough to swallow but it’s the truth.

We’ve come to expect over the years for our boss to “take care of us” instead of just paying us for our work. 

Of course we ALL want to be taken care of, right? It’s only human. We want our parents and our children and even our spouses to take care of us. 

It’s human instinct. I understand that.

Not one of us will turn down the perks listed above if offered them.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the job of the boss or corporation to OFFER or PROVIDE them. 

This is a recurring topic for me and I bring it up again now because of legislation being proposed in my state of California that would FORCE a business to pay employees DOUBLE PAY for working on Thanksgiving. 

It’s Assembly Bill 67 being proposed by a Democrat from Southern California.

I’ve had to work three or four Black Fridays and didn’t get a dime above my regular hourly wage. 

And that was ok. It wasn’t agreed that they WOULD pay me more.

Would it be NICE if companies paid people more for working holidays?


So would a gym membership, parking out front, health care, etc. 

It would be nice but it shouldn’t be expected. 

And you know what??

The government sure as HELL shouldn’t have the power to FORCE FEED this to companies. 

No government should have the power to force a company to adhere a certain wage or pay double for a holiday.

The government that can do this can tell you what to charge for a cheeseburger or the homemade, hand crafted thermadoodles you sell out of your basement. 

And we ALL need to consider what that would look like because we just might get what we’re asking for. 

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