Reason #5,623 I am Spiritual Not Religious!

Everyday I see examples to reinforce to myself that I made the right choice in choosing spirituality over religion.

Spiritual is about freedom and religion (I KNOW this may offend but it’s the TRUTH) is about restriction.

Anyway you slice it religion is about restriction. 

What you can or can’t eat because it’s Friday or Tuesday.

How you need to style your hair in order to please God. 

How you need to talk, walk, sleep, have intercourse, etc. 

It’s ALL ABOUT RESTRICTION in the end. NO two ways about it.

Now if you’re into restriction, that’s great for you.

I am NOT. 

I am about FREEDOM. I want to be what Stuart Wilde called a Spiritual Anarchist. 

Just today I ran across reason #5,623 why I am spiritual not religious!

It turns out that Lefrak City, an apartment complex in Corona, Queens, has recently completely a renovation that has replaced traditional metal keys with electronic fobs instead.

You know, those little do dads that you hold up against a door to gain access.

So, what’s the big deal you ask?

Not much. 

Unless your religion is SO RESTRICTIVE it makes you feel you will rot in Hell for using an electric fob to get into your apartment.

Well, at least if it’s on a Holy day.

That’s the controversy with some Orthodox Jews in New York who refuse to use the wicked forms of apartment building admission because they believe it is an affront to God.

A lawsuit against the apartment building suggests that Jews who dare use a key fob on the Sabbath will be denied entry into the gates of Heaven.

Well, it’s not specifically about key fobs. It’s some strange thing about electronic circuits and that’s above my pay grade.

The bottom line is these believers honestly and legitimately believe in a God that would curse them to eternal damnation rather than entry into Heaven simply because they let themselves into their abode with a technology that will soon replace the traditional metal key altogether.

Many hotels, office suites, and homes, have done away with keys in favor of electronic and modern means of entry.

But wait. It gets MORE fanatical.

They can’t even use the STAIRS because there are motion detectors triggering the lights! And…you guessed it…that crosses an electronic circuit.

And so pushing the elevator button.

So I guess on the Sabbath, many of the stricter tenets of the Jewish faith are kind of STUCK.

The lawsuit claims that the apartment building management is discriminating against the religious beliefs of thousands and leaving them essentially homeless during the Sabbath.

One Jewish man says he has waited an hour for the elevator. He said he even MISSED the Sabbath because he couldn’t leave the building!

Now come on now. Let’s examine this with LOGIC not emotion.

You fear offending God, so you MISS the most important day of the week in your faith because you feel God will be mad if you press an elevator button?!?!

That makes NO SENSE TO ME.

The question is—again using LOGIC over EMOTION—how does that make sense to ANYONE????

Believe what you want as long as you aren’t hurting anyone.

You could make the argument perhaps that if you stay out in the freezing cold with your children because you are afraid of the wraith of God for using a key fob to get inside and warm your family, it IS hurting someone else. 

But I won’t exactly go there. 

I WILL say that any religion that makes its believers think they will be denied eternal happiness over a freaking card key is too restrictive and Draconian for me. 

My question for people who are so, so restricted by their religions is this: Do you ENJOY your life? Is it PLEASANT to choose your food, your beliefs, your hairstyle, and even what kind of a key you can use to enter your apartment building based on RELIGION??

Do you ever notice that religiously strict people aren’t all that fun to be around?

Again, just saying it like it is. If you can’t take it, you probably shouldn’t be on this blog or website. 

Why would anyone CHOOSE to be so restricted?? 

I think it’s honestly because people forget they DO have a CHOICE!!

But religions…especially ones as strict as the Orthodox Jewish faith…are instilled at BIRTH. 

The child is domesticated by her or his parents, church, temple, mosque, and the political, financial, ethical institutions around them from the time they are tots!

Chances are you are the religion your parents raised you with. CHANCES ARE. It doesn’t mean for certain. But MOST people who are raised by devout parents just “ended up” being of that faith. 

Then something curious happens.

Somewhere in their thirties or forties, they stop and think: “Hey, wait a minute. This doesn’t make sense. I’m not going to go to Hell for using an electronic fob! How VERY SILLY!! In fact, not only is that the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever HEARD…I can’t believe I believe it for 40 years!! I’m FREE NOW because I CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE that anymore! In fact, I am certain beyond any doubt that the God I CHOOSE to believe in would never do anything but LOVE ME! Why would the God who created rainbows and mountains and rivers and dolphins send you to Hell for pushing an elevator button??”


SHAKE OFF THOSE DAMNED SILLY PARADIGMS that make NO SENSE in the logical world. 

They just don’t.

Do it. Please.

Push the elevator button today. Break the restrictions put upon you hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago by people who needed to control other people.

That’s why religions imposed so many covenants and restrictions and rules and laws.


But you aren’t the masses. You are YOU.


You aren’t going to Hell for pushing an elevator button, I promise you.

You aren’t going to be denied Heaven for masturbating, even to excess.

And you won’t go blind or grow hair on your palms, either. 

You can thank moms for that one, not God. But you get where I’m going. 

It’s ok to question things you were raised to believe were true.

Because sometimes—oftentimes—sometimes more than oftentimes…they just AREN’T true.

© Spencer Hughes Network 2016