Lesbian Couple in Costa Rica Could Face Jail!

I always find it remarkably fascinating and upsetting that so many people insist that homosexuality is a choice when that “choice” oftentimes leads to condemnation, discrimination, injury, and sometimes DEATH.

I believe it is NOT a choice for the majority of gays and lesbians and I also believe that we should live and let live. 

Thank God our nation is more tolerant than other nations such as Costa Rica. 

It appears that two lesbians could face jail ultimately for violating the law.

Their crime?

A lesbian marriage. 

Oh good heavens, NOOOOOOOOO!!

Not a lesbian marriage!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!

It turns out that one of them was listed erroneously on her birth certificate a MALE.

The couple used this loophole to get married since on PAPER, it WAS the union between a man and a woman.

The authorities disagreed, of course, and ultimately issued one of the ladies a new birth certificate with her corrected sex printed on it. 

Now these two friends and lovers and partners and SPOUSES are being vilified as criminals. 

Not to insult an entire country, but places like Costa Rica really need to get their head out of their ass and live and let live. 

It isn’t ANYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS that these women or other lesbians or gays want to get married.

I recently did a podcast on a Chinese man who married his “sex doll” because he didn’t want to die from terminal cancer leaving a young widow behind. 

I made the same argument there. SO THE HELL WHAT. How does a guy in China affect a soccer mom in the Bronx or a teenager in Los Angeles or a family in Italy?

Right. IT DOESN’T.

The ONLY argument Costa Rican officials are giving is that these women knew better. They KNEW they were breaking the law and did it anyway. 

I hope and wish and pray that one day, our children and grandchildren will live in a world where it isn’t illegal to marry your same sex partner and love. 

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