Keep Traditions You Love, Lose Ones You Don’t!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! 

What’s that cooking in your oven? A turkey? 

Chances are, yes. 

And that’s ok if you really LOVE turkey. But maybe some of you don’t.

It took my wife and I 44 years to buck this tradition.

Actually it was an unspoken truth that most of the family didn’t really LIKE turkey let alone love it.

My now 16-year-old son would chew it like bubble gum and force it down his gullet every year.

We all went through the motions, whether we cooked the bird or another family member did across the region. 

Same with side dishes. Some we liked. Some we hated. 

But we kept cooking them. We kept eating them. We kept faking smiles over them when we were all frowning and cringing inside. 

Do you ever stop to realize that most traditions are things we do (by definition, really) because they’ve been done for a very long time and we feel the urgency and the compelling need to keep on doing them.

How many of you REALLY love turkey??

If you do, great. But if you don’t, why the HELL would you still be eating it every year?

And not just EATING it. But reserving one and the stress involved with getting the right size and kind, etc. 

I was in the store yesterday and saw 100 people standing in line. All of them pushing carts filled with turkeys. 

I was the only one pushing a scrumptious and bloody ROAST.

7.6 pounds of pure red meat BLISS.

A carnivore’s wet dream. You get the point.

Yes, we decided this was the year we were going to finally stop cooking foods and dishes NO ONE liked just because we were told in first grade that the pilgrims and indians ate them and for some reason, we had to KEEP eating them.

Was the belief that we’d piss off the souls of the first feast attendees??

Were we somehow betraying our forefathers and foremothers??

Was GOD offended if we didn’t eat turkey??

Nope. No more offended than if we masturbate or think goofy thoughts. 

But we were taught all this stuff thousands of years ago. Or hundreds of years ago. Or 20 years ago.

Our Thanksgiving is no less Thanksgiving because we are having roast over turkey, Yorkshire Pudding over cranberries. 

Not to get into too many other areas, but it’s this crazy obsession with tradition for the SAKE of tradition that leads people to oppose gay marriage because it’s ALWAYS been between a man and a woman.

Who says because something has ALWAYS been it has to CONTINUE to be??

Women and blacks couldn’t vote. THAT was a tradition. 

Blacks and people of ALL colors and creeds were enslaved once. THAT was a tradition.

Drilling holes into the skulls of mental patients to “rid” them of mental illness was a tradition.

You get my drift, yes?

So here is the punchline to all of this.

KEEP and LOVE the tradition that bring you JOY and PEACE.

But get rid of the ones that don’t.

Why would you keep doing something just because generations of people—99% of them LONG SINCE PASSED AWAY—have ingrained in you that you HAVE TO DO THEM??

If they bring you nice feelings, do them! If they bring you to a place of conformity and boredom and routine, dump them!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Peace and abundance and good health to you. 

You MATTER. There is much love for you.

© Spencer Hughes Network 2016