Is Donald Trump 10-Years-Old?

Perhaps the saddest thing about Donald Trump is that he no doubt has ideas and philosophies that could help get America back on track from the EPIC derailment of the Obama Administration.

But good ideas are worthless if delivered incorrectly and without any sense of propriety and class. 

You wouldn’t take legal advice from a guy on street corner dressed in a clown costume with a horn for a nose, would you?

I mean the clown might have some stellar advice, but you’d feel strange taking it, nonetheless. 

Donald Trump keeps hitting new lows, in my opinion.

I say “my opinion” because it would seem that this is NOT the opinion of many voters at large. 

In fact, Trump is “surging” to first place in many polls, which I’d like to think is more of an indication of the lackluster personalities largely filling the GOP’s swelling ranks of Presidential hopefuls than any true appeal Donald Trump has for voters. 

All I can say is that it’s embarrassing that a potential President of the United States of America would resort to the tactics of a 10-year-old and hold up a detractor’s cell phone number on television. 

Yep. He didn’t like what Senator Lindsey Graham had been saying about him so he revealed his private telephone number for all to see. 

And he’s defending his actions (what a shock) by saying he did it for fun!

Does he shoot spitballs for fun, too?

Hey, Donald! 3rd Grade called and it wants its immaturity back!

Graham says he’s been swamped by calls and will probably have to change his number. 

I’m just a radio talk show host and I know how nice it is to have had my own cell phone number for YEARS and YEARS and frown at the thought of ever having to change it. 

Especially if it were over something as JUVENILE as this Trump incident. 


Someone needs to tell the Trump it’s time to GROW UP. 

Stop acting like a school bully already. 

Some of us aren’t impressed. 

And you’re going to need a lot more than delusions of grandeur to fix America. 

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