Happy Veterans Day 2015

Veterans Day was not called that until 1947 during its first celebration under that name in Birmingham, Alabama.

Before this it was known as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of World War I at 11am, November 11, 1918.

This was the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Congress officially named it Armistice Day in 1926 through a resolution.

It became a National holiday in 1938, also through Congressional resolution.

World War I was called the war to end all wars. 

Of course, that didn’t come to fruition and war again broke out in Europe just a short time later. 

Congress passed a bill in 1954 which President Dwight Eisenhower signed designating November 11 as Veterans Day.

In our never ending quest for three day weekends, the day was to be commemorated on the fourth Monday of October through a law passed in 1968.

But in 1978, when I was 7 years old, Congress returned the commemoration to its traditional date of November 11.

Many thanks and many blessings to our veterans, past and present. The brave men and women who sacrificed so much in service to their country.

Thanks as many veterans today as you can. 

It means much more to them than you think. It will make their entire day to know they have been remembered on this most special of days to honor them.

Peace, my friends. 

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