Do We Need to Export Judeo-Christian Values?

Ohio Governor John Kasich—who has as much chance of winning the GOP nomination as the big toe on either one of my feet—proposed a big government agency which would be responsible for exporting “core Judeo-Christian, Western values” to combat Islamic extremists like ISIS.

Mind you this from a man who claims to be a small government kind of a guy.

But I’ve noticed something. It seems that even the self anointed small government types are willing to go ALL OUT when it comes to promoting Christianity here or abroad.

Maybe I’m old school but the reality to me is, simply, if Russian and the Middle East and other countries wanted our values, they’d HAVE THEM!! 


If countries WANTED women to vote and people to have guns and people to have other freedoms only dreamt of in much of the world, they’d have pushed to HAVE these things.

The reality is that most Middle Eastern nations DON’T WANT to give women equal rights to men. And many countries DON’T WANT gays to get married. 

Kasich is pretty naive to believe it’s just a matter of “beaming” our beliefs into other regions of the world. 

It sounds good in theory at times. But again, other nations have a right—believe it or not—to believe in whatever they want to believe. 

And many times, they CHOOSE beliefs that are NOT Judeo-Christian in origin. 

We hate when other countries do this to us, right? Do we want Syria beaming its beliefs on us? Do we want Sharia Law to be beamed into America? Do we want women to be treated as second class citizens?

Yes, I DO believe that our values and mores are more conducive to freedom and liberty than the values and mores of many countries on this earth.

But I do NOT think that it’s the Federal Government’s job to be the promoter around the globe. 

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