Bleeding Communion Wafer? Or Something Else?

I believe in miracles. Let me just start by saying that.

Miracles are all around us. I think babies are miracles. Sunrises and sunsets, too.

I don’t think we have to wait for the seas to part or money to fall out of the sky to call something a miracle.

Having said that, I think miracles can be separated from religion.

Many of you may disagree with that. 

I think someone beating a rare form of cancer seemingly without reason is a miracle and it may or may not be coming from God.

But miracles are almost exclusively tied in with religion and is the case with a curious story out of Utah.

Apparently a youth handed back a Communion wafer handed to him at St. Francis Xavier Church in Kearns, Utah. 

Call me a bad former Catholic but I never knew that there were proper ways to dispose of a returned wafer. 

You apparently can’t just throw it away. 

It must be dissolved in water first and then poured down specific drains in the church. 

You learn something new every day. 

So the host was placed in water where it subsequently started to “bleed” according to witnesses. 

But is it really bleeding? And if so, whose blood is it??

As a paranormal enthusiast and once in a while investigator myself, I always try to debunk unexplainable phenomenon.

My first questions would include did the youth have any blood on his fingers when he handed it back? Or the priest? 

We all know a little bit of blood in your mouth combined with your saliva can look like a mouthful of blood when you look in the sink. 

And if it’s NOT the blood from the youth or the priest, what IS it?

Another reasonable explanation is that it is a natural reaction somehow.

Perhaps a bacteria in this wafer could have caused the red coloring to emerge when submerged in water?

It’s possible. 

Just having six kids and seeing the things at their various science fairs at school shows me just about any chemical reaction is possible. 

If it’s NOT the blood of those who handled the host and it’s NOT a chemical reaction, where does that leave us?

Well, the devout would insist it’s the blood of Christ.

But honestly, your views of religion aside…how likely is that??

How likely is it that a wafer sitting in a bowl of water in a Utah church is the blood of JESUS CHRIST himself?

The much more likely scenario—sorry—is that it is a HOAX of some kind.

People have faked things far greater and lesser than this. From monsters to deaths to all sort of things. People have been faking things since the beginning of time.

The motive wouldn’t be hard to find considering how the believers are saying that this is a miracle and that their faith is renewed and strengthened. 

The church doesn’t want to lose people in the pews. NO religion does. NO political group does. NO organization does.

So it’s not beyond the pale of possibility that a clergy or lay person did this to fuel faith in the church, the community, and what have you. 

The Diocese now has possession of the curious Communion host and promises to make its findings public. 

I will try to keep an eye out for this story. But I fear we will never hear anymore about it because it WON’T come back as blood, and if it DOES, it should easily be ID’d through DNA as that of the parishioner or the priest. 

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I will bet my house that this is not the blood of Jesus Christ anymore than the fuzzy shape on your toast is the face of the Virgin Mary. 

It’s good that people renew and strengthen their faith. Always. 

But hopefully that faith will come from something deeper within oneself than a supposedly bleeding wafer—whether or not one believes it to be the actual body of their Savior. 

© Spencer Hughes Network 2016