Help Me Reach One of My Resolutions for 2016!

I’m not a HUGE New Year’s resolutions guy. 

I’ve made them in the past and had great success and great failure over the years. 

My favorite one was in 1994 when I resolved to have a talk radio show somewhere in America by the end of the year.

I made it at the LAST minute, making my debut on KSFO Radio in SAN FRANCISCO (Market #4…not bad) on December 31, 1994!!

Yes, today is my 21st anniversary since the start of The Spencer Hughes Show and Experience. 

Thanks for all these years of support!!

Now I need your support more than I EVER have. 

Some of you are already on board. Most of you are NOT. 

I have started my Radio Revolution in the aftermath of witnessing what talk radio has largely become today—a gutless sea of uninspiring, cookie cutter shows that cost the radio companies virtually nothing—and MAKE THEM even less in revenue. 

So…stations are NOT making any money…but they put on CRAP programming and scratch their heads and wonder WHY??

I couldn’t bear witnessing it any longer.

Talk Radio was my first love in terms of careers from the time I was 11 years old and determined that that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

I have made a pretty go GO at it, having debuted and host in the 4th biggest radio market in the country. 

Not to mention 7 AMAZING and FRUITFUL years at Fox NewsTalk hosting Fox Across America. 

But I’m pretty damned certain talk radio will NEVER return to its Glory Years, or Hell, even the talk radio I knew when I got into the business in the early 1990s. 

So I’m going it on my own. 

But I CAN’T be on my OWN. I need YOUR help.

I promised my family that I would hit 4,000 subscribers by my 45th Birthday on February 1, 2016. 

I am NOWHERE NEAR on course to make that goal or even a shadow of it. 

But I believe ANYTHING is possible. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a WAY. 

If you’ve ever enjoyed my style of hard hitting but teddy bear talk radio, blending everything from politics, pop culture, philosophy, the Paranormal and Beyond, please show your support and sign up for my subscription site TODAY.

No, it’s not FREE.

Do YOU work for free?

Neither do I. 

This isn’t a hobby or a charity for me. It’s my LIFE. It’s my LIVELIHOOD. It’s how I want to support my family in an age of talk radio cowardliness and gutlessness. 

But the good news is I work for $3.99 a month. Probably a lot cheaper salary than you or anyone you know works for! HAHA.

$3.99 a MONTH.

I bought Gingy and me a milkshake at Sonic last night and it cost damned near SIX DOLLARS. Not to mention the hundreds of calories my sorry ass body doesn’t need. 

We went to get a smoothie a while back. $6 for a large! WTF?!?! SIX DOLLARS??

A medium latte at your favorite coffee house could cost you what I charge you for an ENTIRE MONTH of content. 

So, what exactly IS this content??

DAILY podcasts. Several of them a day. In easily listenable and digestible segments that are easy on your hectic and crazy schedule and life.

Videos. Interviews. Features. And much more. 

All for PENNIES a day!!

Please show you truly still support my news and views by signing up and helping me keep my promise to my family—4,000 subscribers by February 1, 2016!!

This SHOULD be TOTALLY doable since I have had hundreds of thousands of fans over the years and reached MILLIONS over the past two decades on the radio!

There are 7 billion people on the planet…all I am seeking is 4,000 of them! 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezey!


So far…NOT the case.

But maybe that’s just because YOU haven’t joined my adventures yet! 

Here’s all I ask. 

Invest all of $3.99 and TRY IT FOR A MONTH. 

Will you REALLY miss $3.99 a month? One medium latte a month? One small milkshake? One side order of fries?

Our family finds more than that every month just in our COUCH from lost change!!

Again…all I ask is that you TRY IT. 

I KNOW you’ll love it and want to stay. To put things in perspective, I give you over 100 podcasts and segments a MONTH…updated DAILY…for PENNIES a day!!

If I’m not worth that, I’ve overestimated my impact and reach over the past 21 years on the radio. 

Let’s hit that VERY DOABLE goal of mine to hit 4,000 subscribers by my 45th Birthday on February 1, 2016. 

With YOUR help and support, we can DO IT.

Here’s all you have to do:

Go to and click SUBSCRIBE. 

Another idea is a GIFT subscription. 

If you ALREADY subscribe or just aren’t interested, get a gift Visa or MasterCard and put on $3.99 for a month (or more depending on how much you like the recipient of the gift HAHA) and sign up a friend, relative, or co-worker.

Once the designated amount runs out, my hope is that they’ll love it so much, they’ll sign up and continue on their own!!

Thanks, my friends. Try it. It’s all I ask. 

Show me my news and views and broadcasts still matter to you!!



Bleeding Communion Wafer? Or Something Else?

I believe in miracles. Let me just start by saying that.

Miracles are all around us. I think babies are miracles. Sunrises and sunsets, too.

I don’t think we have to wait for the seas to part or money to fall out of the sky to call something a miracle.

Having said that, I think miracles can be separated from religion.

Many of you may disagree with that. 

I think someone beating a rare form of cancer seemingly without reason is a miracle and it may or may not be coming from God.

But miracles are almost exclusively tied in with religion and is the case with a curious story out of Utah.

Apparently a youth handed back a Communion wafer handed to him at St. Francis Xavier Church in Kearns, Utah. 

Call me a bad former Catholic but I never knew that there were proper ways to dispose of a returned wafer. 

You apparently can’t just throw it away. 

It must be dissolved in water first and then poured down specific drains in the church. 

You learn something new every day. 

So the host was placed in water where it subsequently started to “bleed” according to witnesses. 

But is it really bleeding? And if so, whose blood is it??

As a paranormal enthusiast and once in a while investigator myself, I always try to debunk unexplainable phenomenon.

My first questions would include did the youth have any blood on his fingers when he handed it back? Or the priest? 

We all know a little bit of blood in your mouth combined with your saliva can look like a mouthful of blood when you look in the sink. 

And if it’s NOT the blood from the youth or the priest, what IS it?

Another reasonable explanation is that it is a natural reaction somehow.

Perhaps a bacteria in this wafer could have caused the red coloring to emerge when submerged in water?

It’s possible. 

Just having six kids and seeing the things at their various science fairs at school shows me just about any chemical reaction is possible. 

If it’s NOT the blood of those who handled the host and it’s NOT a chemical reaction, where does that leave us?

Well, the devout would insist it’s the blood of Christ.

But honestly, your views of religion aside…how likely is that??

How likely is it that a wafer sitting in a bowl of water in a Utah church is the blood of JESUS CHRIST himself?

The much more likely scenario—sorry—is that it is a HOAX of some kind.

People have faked things far greater and lesser than this. From monsters to deaths to all sort of things. People have been faking things since the beginning of time.

The motive wouldn’t be hard to find considering how the believers are saying that this is a miracle and that their faith is renewed and strengthened. 

The church doesn’t want to lose people in the pews. NO religion does. NO political group does. NO organization does.

So it’s not beyond the pale of possibility that a clergy or lay person did this to fuel faith in the church, the community, and what have you. 

The Diocese now has possession of the curious Communion host and promises to make its findings public. 

I will try to keep an eye out for this story. But I fear we will never hear anymore about it because it WON’T come back as blood, and if it DOES, it should easily be ID’d through DNA as that of the parishioner or the priest. 

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I will bet my house that this is not the blood of Jesus Christ anymore than the fuzzy shape on your toast is the face of the Virgin Mary. 

It’s good that people renew and strengthen their faith. Always. 

But hopefully that faith will come from something deeper within oneself than a supposedly bleeding wafer—whether or not one believes it to be the actual body of their Savior. 

Should Companies Be Forced to Pay Double on Thanksgiving??

News Flash: It’s not your employer’s job to make you a living.



Are you dry shaving me, Spencer?? What do you MEAN it’s not your employer’s job to make you a living??

Re-read it until it sinks in. 

It ISN’T your employer’s job.

YOUR job is to show up and do the job you were hired to do. And your employer’s job is to pay you for services rendered or goods provided. 

That’s it! Really! That’s IT.

It’s not to provide you health care, gym membership, a parking space with your name on it, or trips to Miami for your family every year. 

Now this all be tough to swallow but it’s the truth.

We’ve come to expect over the years for our boss to “take care of us” instead of just paying us for our work. 

Of course we ALL want to be taken care of, right? It’s only human. We want our parents and our children and even our spouses to take care of us. 

It’s human instinct. I understand that.

Not one of us will turn down the perks listed above if offered them.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the job of the boss or corporation to OFFER or PROVIDE them. 

This is a recurring topic for me and I bring it up again now because of legislation being proposed in my state of California that would FORCE a business to pay employees DOUBLE PAY for working on Thanksgiving. 

It’s Assembly Bill 67 being proposed by a Democrat from Southern California.

I’ve had to work three or four Black Fridays and didn’t get a dime above my regular hourly wage. 

And that was ok. It wasn’t agreed that they WOULD pay me more.

Would it be NICE if companies paid people more for working holidays?


So would a gym membership, parking out front, health care, etc. 

It would be nice but it shouldn’t be expected. 

And you know what??

The government sure as HELL shouldn’t have the power to FORCE FEED this to companies. 

No government should have the power to force a company to adhere a certain wage or pay double for a holiday.

The government that can do this can tell you what to charge for a cheeseburger or the homemade, hand crafted thermadoodles you sell out of your basement. 

And we ALL need to consider what that would look like because we just might get what we’re asking for. 

Keep Traditions You Love, Lose Ones You Don’t!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! 

What’s that cooking in your oven? A turkey? 

Chances are, yes. 

And that’s ok if you really LOVE turkey. But maybe some of you don’t.

It took my wife and I 44 years to buck this tradition.

Actually it was an unspoken truth that most of the family didn’t really LIKE turkey let alone love it.

My now 16-year-old son would chew it like bubble gum and force it down his gullet every year.

We all went through the motions, whether we cooked the bird or another family member did across the region. 

Same with side dishes. Some we liked. Some we hated. 

But we kept cooking them. We kept eating them. We kept faking smiles over them when we were all frowning and cringing inside. 

Do you ever stop to realize that most traditions are things we do (by definition, really) because they’ve been done for a very long time and we feel the urgency and the compelling need to keep on doing them.

How many of you REALLY love turkey??

If you do, great. But if you don’t, why the HELL would you still be eating it every year?

And not just EATING it. But reserving one and the stress involved with getting the right size and kind, etc. 

I was in the store yesterday and saw 100 people standing in line. All of them pushing carts filled with turkeys. 

I was the only one pushing a scrumptious and bloody ROAST.

7.6 pounds of pure red meat BLISS.

A carnivore’s wet dream. You get the point.

Yes, we decided this was the year we were going to finally stop cooking foods and dishes NO ONE liked just because we were told in first grade that the pilgrims and indians ate them and for some reason, we had to KEEP eating them.

Was the belief that we’d piss off the souls of the first feast attendees??

Were we somehow betraying our forefathers and foremothers??

Was GOD offended if we didn’t eat turkey??

Nope. No more offended than if we masturbate or think goofy thoughts. 

But we were taught all this stuff thousands of years ago. Or hundreds of years ago. Or 20 years ago.

Our Thanksgiving is no less Thanksgiving because we are having roast over turkey, Yorkshire Pudding over cranberries. 

Not to get into too many other areas, but it’s this crazy obsession with tradition for the SAKE of tradition that leads people to oppose gay marriage because it’s ALWAYS been between a man and a woman.

Who says because something has ALWAYS been it has to CONTINUE to be??

Women and blacks couldn’t vote. THAT was a tradition. 

Blacks and people of ALL colors and creeds were enslaved once. THAT was a tradition.

Drilling holes into the skulls of mental patients to “rid” them of mental illness was a tradition.

You get my drift, yes?

So here is the punchline to all of this.

KEEP and LOVE the tradition that bring you JOY and PEACE.

But get rid of the ones that don’t.

Why would you keep doing something just because generations of people—99% of them LONG SINCE PASSED AWAY—have ingrained in you that you HAVE TO DO THEM??

If they bring you nice feelings, do them! If they bring you to a place of conformity and boredom and routine, dump them!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Peace and abundance and good health to you. 

You MATTER. There is much love for you.

Do We Need to Export Judeo-Christian Values?

Ohio Governor John Kasich—who has as much chance of winning the GOP nomination as the big toe on either one of my feet—proposed a big government agency which would be responsible for exporting “core Judeo-Christian, Western values” to combat Islamic extremists like ISIS.

Mind you this from a man who claims to be a small government kind of a guy.

But I’ve noticed something. It seems that even the self anointed small government types are willing to go ALL OUT when it comes to promoting Christianity here or abroad.

Maybe I’m old school but the reality to me is, simply, if Russian and the Middle East and other countries wanted our values, they’d HAVE THEM!! 


If countries WANTED women to vote and people to have guns and people to have other freedoms only dreamt of in much of the world, they’d have pushed to HAVE these things.

The reality is that most Middle Eastern nations DON’T WANT to give women equal rights to men. And many countries DON’T WANT gays to get married. 

Kasich is pretty naive to believe it’s just a matter of “beaming” our beliefs into other regions of the world. 

It sounds good in theory at times. But again, other nations have a right—believe it or not—to believe in whatever they want to believe. 

And many times, they CHOOSE beliefs that are NOT Judeo-Christian in origin. 

We hate when other countries do this to us, right? Do we want Syria beaming its beliefs on us? Do we want Sharia Law to be beamed into America? Do we want women to be treated as second class citizens?

Yes, I DO believe that our values and mores are more conducive to freedom and liberty than the values and mores of many countries on this earth.

But I do NOT think that it’s the Federal Government’s job to be the promoter around the globe. 

Happy Veterans Day 2015

Veterans Day was not called that until 1947 during its first celebration under that name in Birmingham, Alabama.

Before this it was known as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of World War I at 11am, November 11, 1918.

This was the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Congress officially named it Armistice Day in 1926 through a resolution.

It became a National holiday in 1938, also through Congressional resolution.

World War I was called the war to end all wars. 

Of course, that didn’t come to fruition and war again broke out in Europe just a short time later. 

Congress passed a bill in 1954 which President Dwight Eisenhower signed designating November 11 as Veterans Day.

In our never ending quest for three day weekends, the day was to be commemorated on the fourth Monday of October through a law passed in 1968.

But in 1978, when I was 7 years old, Congress returned the commemoration to its traditional date of November 11.

Many thanks and many blessings to our veterans, past and present. The brave men and women who sacrificed so much in service to their country.

Thanks as many veterans today as you can. 

It means much more to them than you think. It will make their entire day to know they have been remembered on this most special of days to honor them.

Peace, my friends. 

Lesbian Couple in Costa Rica Could Face Jail!

I always find it remarkably fascinating and upsetting that so many people insist that homosexuality is a choice when that “choice” oftentimes leads to condemnation, discrimination, injury, and sometimes DEATH.

I believe it is NOT a choice for the majority of gays and lesbians and I also believe that we should live and let live. 

Thank God our nation is more tolerant than other nations such as Costa Rica. 

It appears that two lesbians could face jail ultimately for violating the law.

Their crime?

A lesbian marriage. 

Oh good heavens, NOOOOOOOOO!!

Not a lesbian marriage!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!

It turns out that one of them was listed erroneously on her birth certificate a MALE.

The couple used this loophole to get married since on PAPER, it WAS the union between a man and a woman.

The authorities disagreed, of course, and ultimately issued one of the ladies a new birth certificate with her corrected sex printed on it. 

Now these two friends and lovers and partners and SPOUSES are being vilified as criminals. 

Not to insult an entire country, but places like Costa Rica really need to get their head out of their ass and live and let live. 

It isn’t ANYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS that these women or other lesbians or gays want to get married.

I recently did a podcast on a Chinese man who married his “sex doll” because he didn’t want to die from terminal cancer leaving a young widow behind. 

I made the same argument there. SO THE HELL WHAT. How does a guy in China affect a soccer mom in the Bronx or a teenager in Los Angeles or a family in Italy?

Right. IT DOESN’T.

The ONLY argument Costa Rican officials are giving is that these women knew better. They KNEW they were breaking the law and did it anyway. 

I hope and wish and pray that one day, our children and grandchildren will live in a world where it isn’t illegal to marry your same sex partner and love. 

Those Headphones You’re Wearing Were Created by A Woman Beater

I think it’s interesting just how psychotically hypocritical people can be.

We will boycott a company if it supports gay marriage and boycott a company if it doesn’t support gay marriage.

We want to make sure chickens aren’t treated poorly on a processing line but support late term abortion.

Those kinds of hypocritical contradictions.

I just thought of something that has been bugging me for years. 

Beats headphones aren’t anywhere near the quality that people ascribe to them. 

But they have a big name attached to them, so they MUST be good, right?

Rapper and music mogul Dr. Dre co-founded Beats and made a fortune off of the phenomenon that ensued.

Fair enough.

But if you really want to whip out your morality and your “I’m offended” cards, then how can you proudly wear headphones created by such a blatant misogynist??

The biopic “Straight Out of Compton” is coming out soon and from what I am gathering, it is more fiction than fact. But so are most biopics.

But here’s a reminder of the man behind your favorite headphones.

Back in the day, he BEAT a female talk host after a drunken rage.

According to Rolling Stone: “He picked her up by the hair and began slamming her head and the right side of her body repeatedly against a brick wall near the stairway as his bodyguard held off he crowd with a gun. Are Dre tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s restroom. Dre followed her and grabbed her from behind by the hair again and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.”

Nice guy, huh?

He and his musical cohorts laughed about it and ridiculed it even after settling the lawsuit.

Dre proudly exclaimed, “It ain’t no big thing. I just threw her through a door.”

Oh THAT’S all you did? Oh, ok. I thought it was something serious.

Enjoy those headphones! And don’t look down on someone who supports a company despite their position on social issues when the beating of women doesn’t apparently concern you.   

Reason #5,623 I am Spiritual Not Religious!

Everyday I see examples to reinforce to myself that I made the right choice in choosing spirituality over religion.

Spiritual is about freedom and religion (I KNOW this may offend but it’s the TRUTH) is about restriction.

Anyway you slice it religion is about restriction. 

What you can or can’t eat because it’s Friday or Tuesday.

How you need to style your hair in order to please God. 

How you need to talk, walk, sleep, have intercourse, etc. 

It’s ALL ABOUT RESTRICTION in the end. NO two ways about it.

Now if you’re into restriction, that’s great for you.

I am NOT. 

I am about FREEDOM. I want to be what Stuart Wilde called a Spiritual Anarchist. 

Just today I ran across reason #5,623 why I am spiritual not religious!

It turns out that Lefrak City, an apartment complex in Corona, Queens, has recently completely a renovation that has replaced traditional metal keys with electronic fobs instead.

You know, those little do dads that you hold up against a door to gain access.

So, what’s the big deal you ask?

Not much. 

Unless your religion is SO RESTRICTIVE it makes you feel you will rot in Hell for using an electric fob to get into your apartment.

Well, at least if it’s on a Holy day.

That’s the controversy with some Orthodox Jews in New York who refuse to use the wicked forms of apartment building admission because they believe it is an affront to God.

A lawsuit against the apartment building suggests that Jews who dare use a key fob on the Sabbath will be denied entry into the gates of Heaven.

Well, it’s not specifically about key fobs. It’s some strange thing about electronic circuits and that’s above my pay grade.

The bottom line is these believers honestly and legitimately believe in a God that would curse them to eternal damnation rather than entry into Heaven simply because they let themselves into their abode with a technology that will soon replace the traditional metal key altogether.

Many hotels, office suites, and homes, have done away with keys in favor of electronic and modern means of entry.

But wait. It gets MORE fanatical.

They can’t even use the STAIRS because there are motion detectors triggering the lights! And…you guessed it…that crosses an electronic circuit.

And so pushing the elevator button.

So I guess on the Sabbath, many of the stricter tenets of the Jewish faith are kind of STUCK.

The lawsuit claims that the apartment building management is discriminating against the religious beliefs of thousands and leaving them essentially homeless during the Sabbath.

One Jewish man says he has waited an hour for the elevator. He said he even MISSED the Sabbath because he couldn’t leave the building!

Now come on now. Let’s examine this with LOGIC not emotion.

You fear offending God, so you MISS the most important day of the week in your faith because you feel God will be mad if you press an elevator button?!?!

That makes NO SENSE TO ME.

The question is—again using LOGIC over EMOTION—how does that make sense to ANYONE????

Believe what you want as long as you aren’t hurting anyone.

You could make the argument perhaps that if you stay out in the freezing cold with your children because you are afraid of the wraith of God for using a key fob to get inside and warm your family, it IS hurting someone else. 

But I won’t exactly go there. 

I WILL say that any religion that makes its believers think they will be denied eternal happiness over a freaking card key is too restrictive and Draconian for me. 

My question for people who are so, so restricted by their religions is this: Do you ENJOY your life? Is it PLEASANT to choose your food, your beliefs, your hairstyle, and even what kind of a key you can use to enter your apartment building based on RELIGION??

Do you ever notice that religiously strict people aren’t all that fun to be around?

Again, just saying it like it is. If you can’t take it, you probably shouldn’t be on this blog or website. 

Why would anyone CHOOSE to be so restricted?? 

I think it’s honestly because people forget they DO have a CHOICE!!

But religions…especially ones as strict as the Orthodox Jewish faith…are instilled at BIRTH. 

The child is domesticated by her or his parents, church, temple, mosque, and the political, financial, ethical institutions around them from the time they are tots!

Chances are you are the religion your parents raised you with. CHANCES ARE. It doesn’t mean for certain. But MOST people who are raised by devout parents just “ended up” being of that faith. 

Then something curious happens.

Somewhere in their thirties or forties, they stop and think: “Hey, wait a minute. This doesn’t make sense. I’m not going to go to Hell for using an electronic fob! How VERY SILLY!! In fact, not only is that the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever HEARD…I can’t believe I believe it for 40 years!! I’m FREE NOW because I CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE that anymore! In fact, I am certain beyond any doubt that the God I CHOOSE to believe in would never do anything but LOVE ME! Why would the God who created rainbows and mountains and rivers and dolphins send you to Hell for pushing an elevator button??”


SHAKE OFF THOSE DAMNED SILLY PARADIGMS that make NO SENSE in the logical world. 

They just don’t.

Do it. Please.

Push the elevator button today. Break the restrictions put upon you hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago by people who needed to control other people.

That’s why religions imposed so many covenants and restrictions and rules and laws.


But you aren’t the masses. You are YOU.


You aren’t going to Hell for pushing an elevator button, I promise you.

You aren’t going to be denied Heaven for masturbating, even to excess.

And you won’t go blind or grow hair on your palms, either. 

You can thank moms for that one, not God. But you get where I’m going. 

It’s ok to question things you were raised to believe were true.

Because sometimes—oftentimes—sometimes more than oftentimes…they just AREN’T true.

Is Donald Trump 10-Years-Old?

Perhaps the saddest thing about Donald Trump is that he no doubt has ideas and philosophies that could help get America back on track from the EPIC derailment of the Obama Administration.

But good ideas are worthless if delivered incorrectly and without any sense of propriety and class. 

You wouldn’t take legal advice from a guy on street corner dressed in a clown costume with a horn for a nose, would you?

I mean the clown might have some stellar advice, but you’d feel strange taking it, nonetheless. 

Donald Trump keeps hitting new lows, in my opinion.

I say “my opinion” because it would seem that this is NOT the opinion of many voters at large. 

In fact, Trump is “surging” to first place in many polls, which I’d like to think is more of an indication of the lackluster personalities largely filling the GOP’s swelling ranks of Presidential hopefuls than any true appeal Donald Trump has for voters. 

All I can say is that it’s embarrassing that a potential President of the United States of America would resort to the tactics of a 10-year-old and hold up a detractor’s cell phone number on television. 

Yep. He didn’t like what Senator Lindsey Graham had been saying about him so he revealed his private telephone number for all to see. 

And he’s defending his actions (what a shock) by saying he did it for fun!

Does he shoot spitballs for fun, too?

Hey, Donald! 3rd Grade called and it wants its immaturity back!

Graham says he’s been swamped by calls and will probably have to change his number. 

I’m just a radio talk show host and I know how nice it is to have had my own cell phone number for YEARS and YEARS and frown at the thought of ever having to change it. 

Especially if it were over something as JUVENILE as this Trump incident. 


Someone needs to tell the Trump it’s time to GROW UP. 

Stop acting like a school bully already. 

Some of us aren’t impressed. 

And you’re going to need a lot more than delusions of grandeur to fix America. 

© Spencer Hughes Network 2016